Mighty Raju

Meet Aryanagar's friendly superhero, Mighty Raju Brave, quick and intelligent, there is nothing this toddler superhero cannot do. Along with a whole bunch of cool gadgets, Mighty Raju and his puppy friend, Moby, can tackle anything that comes their way.

60 Episodes

24 TV Movies

1 Theatricals Movies

Hindi / English / Tamil

Target : 6-12 y. o.

Mighty Raju is the story of a small boy named Raju, who lives with his parents and his dog Moby in the city of Arya nagar. Raju's father, Swami is a very famous scientist.


Action adventure.
Comedy and good humor.
Surprising plots.
Hi-Tech Gadgets.
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Mighty Raju

Raju is an intelligent 4 year old kid who has super-human strength and has a strong moral code, including a willingness to risk his own safety in the service of good without any expectation of reward.


Moby is a 4-5 month old Doberman pup who is a great companion for Raju in all his endeavors ,He is a helper, sidekick and also a comedian.


Karati is the best scientist of India who is eccentric, talks to himself and has a weird sense of humor, which is amusing only to him.


Sandhya is a beautiful modern day mother who closely monitors the upbringing of Raju, and is very attached to her family.


Swamy is a great scientist of our times but a notch behind Karaati in a number of inventions and is a way ahead of Karaati in deep rooted values, patriotism.

Commissioner Khanna

He is the commissioner of police who knows Swamy for a long time and knows about the true identity of Mighty Raju, but is willing to keep it a secret.


Julie is Raju's classmate. She is a daughter of Professor D-Costa. Julie is simple and sweet girl. She helps Raju and his friends in emergency.


He is a close friend to Raju. He is a nerd and a very gentle chap. Gopi is smart and sincere but not a prodigy like Raju. He wears thick glasses, not a good looker, puny in build.


Charlie is Raju's classmate a guy who envies Raju all the time. He tries to pull the leg of Raju all the time in school and outside premises.