Six Cylinder Samurai

The distant future. Earth is under the rule of ruthless land barons. The barons and their cohorts live lives of luxury in the clouds, the masses live on an Earth covered in junk. But a hero has emerged: a cobbled-together samurai robot with the brain of a 21st century teenager, and powered by a ’53 Corvette racing engine. His partner: the disembodied head of a young scientist with a pack rat mentality.

He’s a robot, he’s a car, he’s a samurai, and he’s a wise-ass TEENAGER! He is the self appointed protector of his realm, a brilliant young scientist who is nothing but a head. The Southwest Baron took Kenny’s body when he refused to pay his taxes.


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Pamela Hickey & Dennys McCoy have been an international writing team for over 20 years. Their work in television and film have earned them 5 Emmy nominations (one win), 4 BAFTA nominations (3 wins), and 2 PULCINELLA AWARDS (the European Emmy) including one for Best Series (COSMIC QUANTUM RAY). They have worked in live-action prime-time television (ROBOCOP: THE SERIES; DEAD MAN’S GUN), animated features (CHI RHO: THE MOVIE), and animated series (from pre-school to adult). They are successful developers, producers, show-runners, and writers with over 1000 produced credits and have written for every continent on Earth excluding Antarctica.


Marc Lumer is an animator and children's book writer-illustrator. He wrote and illustrated stories for two of the most popular European youth magazines, Spirou and Tintin before moving to Los Angeles to collaborate, as a visual development artist, on Warner Bros’ Batman Beyond, Superman and Freakazoid. Later, he worked under Jeffrey Katzenberg at Dreamworks on The Road to El Dorado and The Prince of Egypt. He also collaborated with two-time Oscar winning director, Brad Bird (Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Iron Giant) and lent his hand to a variety of projects at Disney TV Animation, Turner Feature Animation, Sony TV animation and Film Roman. He has published 10 children books and his "Benny's Mitzvah Notes", written for his son Benny was selected in 2014 as a notable book of the year by The Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee. His books are translated in French, Hebrew, Spanish and Russian.


After completing his Masters in Computer Science from University of Maryland, Nishith spent almost 20 years in the IT industry in various capacities. From being the managing Director of a software export company, to marketing and his last assignment was working as an Executive Editor at India’s premier IT tabloid. He also edited India’s first technology banking magazine. He shifted his career to the entertainment industry by co-founding Krayon Pictures Private Limited where he executive produced India’s first National Award Animated Feature, Delhi Safari. Heading the business development and marketing for Krayon as a key responsibility, he had the opportunity to meet, integrate and collaborate with people from all over the world. After successfully producing and releasing DELHI SAFARI, a 3D stereoscopic animated feature, he went on his own to start his current venture, Bioscopewala Pictures, LLP.

In the past few years we have successfully delivered shows like SheZow and Transformers and also a very demanding webisode series, to one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world.