Chhota Bheem

Dholakpur is know for many things: a mighty and benevolent king, fun and big hearted cities and undoubtedly the most scrumptions laddoos. But no tale of Dholakpur is complete without its very own little hero: Chhota Bheem! Young as he may be, Bheem is strong and very smart. Along with his friends, he loves to help in need! Watch Bheem and his friends, Chutki, Raju, Jaggu, Kalia and Dholu-Bholu as they enjoy, explore and protect the sunshine-filled village of Dholakpur.

277 Episodes

26 TV Movies

3 Theatricals Movies

Hindi / English / Tamil / Telugu

Target : 6-12 y. o.

Green Gold's super hit series on Pogo 'Chhota Bheem' is the winner of the Best Animated TV Series award at the Golden Cursor Awards 2009 held in Mumbai, India.

Our content is produced for Turner International (Pogo TV). It started as a 13 episode TV Series, and later on got extended and till date more than 200 episodes were delivered to the channel.

Chhota Bheem has become a phenomenon in India and it is the leading kid's favorite character (as per a study conducted by Ormax Media for the past 2 years - 2011 / 2012) and it is the only Indian kids show which is able to compete with the best of the world. It is very much universal in its theme and is being liked by all kids irrespective of their religion, region and so on.


Great adventures.
Comedy with great humor.
Stunning locations.
Family entertainment.
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Chhota Bheem

Bheem a 9 year old, brave, strong, intelligent, adventurous. Bheem loves food, his weakness being Tun Tun Masi's delicious Laddoos, which gives him additional strength.


Chutki is a 7 year old girl, graceful and intelligent. She is Bheem's closest friend and loves to accompany Bheem on his adventures.


Raju is a cute 4 year old, who totally looks up to Bheem and idolises him. He follows Bheem everywhere and loves wrestling with him. Bheem is very protective of Raju.

Princess Indumati

Princess Indumati or Indu, as her friends fondly call her, is the daughter of the King of Dholakpur.


Jaggu is Bheem’s friend. Jaggu is a talking monkey and is of great help to Bheem whenever they are in the jungle. He supports Bheem and always accompanies him in his adventures.

Kalia Pehalwan

Kalia or Kalia Pehalwan, is a 10 year old boy. His character is based on the Legendary Duryodhyan and hence, wicked by nature. He is bigger than Bheem and dislikes him.

Dholu And Bholu

Dholu and Bholu are the cowardly followers of Kalia Pahelwan. They are identical brothers who dress and behave alike. They are slightly arrogant because of the effect Kalia has on them.

Raja Indra Verma II

TunTun Mousi