Arjun Prince Of Bali

Stories of Arjun, The royal Prince of Bali, reach far and wide. With only a quiver of arrows, Arjun sets out to protect his kingdom, family and his friends. He is truly the strongest, bravest and most loyal of them all. Arjun and his friends leave no strone unturned to ensure Bali is safe from the wrath of the dreaded Hiranya.

95 Episodes

Hindi / English / Tamil / Telugu

Target : 6-12 y. o.

Arjun series is a perfect blend of Action & Comedy. It revolves around daily life of young Prince of Bali, royalty, bravery, compassion and loads of challenges.


Daily life of a Prince, adventures in Bali jungle.
Governance of kingdom, Arjun’s Heroics.
Life in the Palace / Villages / Kingdom.
Discovery of marine life.



The 8-year old Prince of Bali is skilled in warfare and is an agile archer. Ever ready to save the day, he is the champion of the good.


Arjun’s 6-month old male pet tiger cub, Zimboo is playful and loyal and accompanies him in all his adventures.

King Sahadev Verma

He is the 36 year old King of Bali who takes each challenge with a smile and is calm even in crisis!

Queen Suvarna

Suvarna is the 30-year old graceful, beautiful and poised Queen of Bali. She is a doting mother who adores her son and daughter.


A dainty pretty girl who along with her sister Ayu entertains the Bali King and Queen with their Balenese dance.


The 6-year old Princess of Bali is sweet, sassy, charming and graceful. She adores her brother, Arjun.