Chhota Start-up

This story is based in Pocketpur, a pleasant Indian coastal town filled with significant pockets of nature; with scenic mountains on one side and a beautiful beach on the other. Every locality is selfsufficient with its own amenities, police-station school and a hospital.

It comprises of small business areas, residential plots, farm fields etc. The location calls for a startup of ideas due to its day-to-day problems and situations. It is filled with people from all walks of life, living together in unity with their likes and dislikes.

Episodes : 156 Episodes

Episode Duration : 11 mins

Genre : Modern Contemporary Drama (Fiction)


Target : 6-12 y. o.

For Bade Ideas Call Chhota Start-up!

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This Summer, the town of Pocketpur is about to be get more vibrant and happening. Three kids, Tej, Rosy & Gyani have decided to do something different; start a business that provides aid to the other businesses. However, they soon realize that running a startup isn't a cakewalk. Every day, they are faced with different clients who have unique problems, putting Tej & his team in unexpected circumstances. Where everyone sees problems and struggles, our little entrepreneurs see opportunity. Tej & his friends manage to overcome these hurdles by taking a unique perspective. Leveraging their strengths & skills, the kids come up with extremely distinguished, creative wacky plans that are fun to watch! This is the exceptional journey of three kids, as they get challenged and solve problems around them. This is a tale of Pocketpur’s first and youngest kid entrepreneurs, and that of their innovative and remarkable business, Chhota Start-up


Business and good humor.
Surprising and inspirational plots.
Knowledge acquiring.


Chhota Start-up Tej


This 12-year-old boy is flamboyant.Everything about Tej is style, with a winner’s attitude. He likes to think a lot & sometimes he completely gets lost in his thoughts. On other occasions, he is extremely energetic & action-oriented

Chhota Start-up Rosy


Rosy is a 12-year-old, super fun, street-smart, athletic girl in the same class as Tej. She never forgets and she never forgives.She is emotional and protective when it comes to her friends but extremely precise & level headed when it comes to negotiating any bargain.

Chhota Start-up Gyani


Gyani is a 12-year-old boy who's intelligent, confident, know it all kid in his class. He does everything by the books. He reads everything; whether it is a shampoo label on the back of a bottle or the school rules mentioned on the first 50 pages of a school diary.


Hema & Rahul
Tej's Parents

Hema is homemaker and a very understanding mother to Tej. She is extremely quick-witted and smart.

Rahul on the other hand is a government employee, all he talks about is “Padhai, padhai” He keeps on giving examples of himself etc.


Jaya & John
Rosy's Parents

Jaya is the art and craft teacher at Pocketpur school. She is always in a hurry; getting ready for school planning activities at school

John on the other hand is also extremely busy as crime never rests and he is the Police Commissioner.

Commissioner Khanna

Rekha Amit
Gyani's Parents

Rekha is an ambitious woman and also a senior Stock-broker.

Amit is a house-husband and seeing her wife’s ambition, he left his professional life many years ago. Amit loves taking care of the house and the kids.