Luv Kushh

This series revolves around the smart and energetic twin brothers, Luv and Kushh. The stories are full of action & adventure involving imaginative plots and stunning locations. The twins are extremely intelligent kids who excel at archery and sword fighting.

28 Episodes

2 TV Movies


Target : 6-12 y. o.

Luv Kushh series revolves around the twin brothers, Luv and Kushh born to Lord Rama and Sita. Luv and Kushh were in the ashram of Valmiki where Sita took refuge after she left Ayodhya (Sita was abandoned by Rama).

Luv-Kushh were very energetic growing up and got into trouble with their mother because of their exploits. They were extremely intelligent kids and were quick to learn the Vedas and master the art of archery and sword fighting.


Great adventure.
Fast action.
Stunning locations.
Family entertainment.