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Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan is All Set to Thrill Audiences

Prepare to be transported to the enchanting world of Dholakpur as the iconic Indian animated character, Chhota Bheem makes his live-action debut in the much-anticipated film, "Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan."


Marketing Your Animated Series to the World: 6 Strategic Steps

In today's competitive world of animation, it takes more than just a great plot and endearing characters to make your series a global sensation.


Maximizing Animation Impact: The Audience Targeting Approach

Animation is a versatile medium that can entertain, educate, and inspire audiences of all ages. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned animator, knowing your purpose and objectives is the first step in creating engaging animations.


5 Steps to Turn Animated Characters into Mobile Game Hits

Audiences worldwide have always been fascinated with the lovable characters that come from animated entertainment. It seems reasonable that these recognizable figures frequently appear in video game contexts.


6 Must-Haves for Creating an Amazing Animated Show

Making an animated show or a film is an incredible challenge that calls for a special combination of technical proficiency, storytelling prowess, creative vision, and audience involvement. Effective shows should do more than just amuse viewers; they should also make an impact, spark discussion, or meaningfully touch their emotions.


Animating Animal Characters: 5 Essential Techniques

Animating various animal characters opens a world of expression and creativity but requires a deep understanding of their nature. Every stage is essential to producing believable and captivating characters, from learning their anatomy to selecting the ideal animation style. We'll walk you through all the key methods in this guide to make your animated animal designs come to life.


6 Strategies for Creating Relatable and Hilarious Animated Characters

Creating relatable and funny character animations involves a blend of understanding your audience, mastering animation principles, and infusing personality into your characters. Let's dive into some practical tips to bring humor to life in your animations.


5 Effective Strategies to Create Compelling Animations

In today's digital era, where video content is in trend, viewers are drawn to videos that really engage them. Animated videos have emerged as a frontrunner, capturing the hearts of audiences with their unique charm and storytelling ability. Let's delve into why animated videos that keep us hooked have become the go-to choice for many.


Exploring the Magic of Animated Videos: 6 Reasons Why They Captivate Audiences

In today's digital era, where video content is in trend, viewers are drawn to videos that really engage them. Animated videos have emerged as a frontrunner, capturing the hearts of audiences with their unique charm and storytelling ability. Let's delve into why animated videos that keep us hooked have become the go-to choice for many.


Crafting Timeless Animation: The Artistry of Character Design

Character design is the heartbeat of animation, a delicate skill that transforms simple ideas into lovable on-screen characters. It is crucial for expressing emotions, personality traits, and narrative components in addition to producing aesthetically pleasing figures.


Green Gold Animation's Award Winning Streak: From Accolades to Global Acclaim

Over the years, Green Gold Animation has emerged as a shining star, winning numerous awards and accolades. This journey of recognition resembles the company's unwavering commitment to producing and delivering exceptional content that captivates audiences worldwide.


From Animation Studios to Your Shelves: Green Gold's Merchandising Triumph

By creating popular global shows Green Gold Animation has not only brought characters to life but has also woven them into the fabric of our daily lives through an exciting venture – merchandising. Let's take an insightful stroll through the vibrant pages of Green Gold Animation's Merchandising vertical


From TV Screens to Touchscreens: Mobile Gaming Marvels by Green Gold

In the animation industry, Green Gold Animation stands tall, enchanting audiences with beloved shows like Mighty Little Bheem and Chhota Bheem. But they didn't stop at your TV screens – they've seamlessly transformed their iconic characters into mobile gaming, inviting the viewers to enter a world of interactive fun


The Role of Chhota Bheem's Title Song in Branding

Today, let's explore the Chhota Bheem title tune, an often-overlooked yet incredibly impactful element in the world of animation entertainment. Beyond just being catchy, this jingle is a potent symbol of brand identity, contributing significantly to the strategic success of the animated series. Now, we all love animated shows, right?

Linkedin - NOVEMBER 24, 2023

Cartoons Without Borders: The Magic of Localization

Animated cartoons have a way of reaching their audience across the world, thanks to online video streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney that beam these colorful stories into our homes. But have you ever wondered how your favorite animated show goes from one country to another without losing its charm?

Linkedin - NOVEMBER 18, 2023

Crafting Magic on Screen: The Role of Layout in 'Mighty Little Bheem'

In the animation world, imagination reigns supreme, and storytelling takes center stage. The creative minds of Green Gold Animation behind the beloved show "Mighty Little Bheem," know the true art of layout and how it brings our little hero, Bheem, to life.

Linkedin - NOVEMBER 10, 2023

Green Gold Pictures: Crafting Animated Delights

In the enticing world of animation, one name shines brightly, drawing audiences of all ages into the fascinating realm of animated adventures. Green Gold Pictures, the movie distribution wing of Green Gold Animation, is a rising star that has been lighting up movie screens.

Linkedin - OCTOBER 28, 2023

Green Gold Events: Bringing Joy and Engagement to Every Occasion

In the constantly changing field of events and activations, Green Gold Animation ventured into the realm of creating memorable experiences and bringing joy to countless hearts.

Linkedin - OCTOBER 20, 2023

Why Is Green Gold Animation the Go-To Choice for Kids' Entertainment?

The animation industry in India has seen exceptional growth in recent years, with companies like Green Gold Animation playing a huge role in determining its course by bringing joy to children and making a substantial contribution to the industry's growth. Founded by Rajiv Chilaka, Green Gold has emerged as a leader in the world of animation, providing a wide range of homegrown, globally recognized characters and IP content.

Linkedin - OCTOBER 14, 2023

Celebrating Milestones: Green Gold Animation's Journey So Far

Green Gold Animation has long been an established name in the animation and entertainment industries. This creative force has achieved impressive accomplishments

Linkedin - OCTOBER 6, 2023

From Animation to VFX: Green Gold Animation's Cinematic Evolution

In August 2020, Green Gold Animation, a well-established animation, and children’s entertainment studio, embarked on a remarkable journey into the world of Visual Effects(VFX).

Linkedin - SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

15 years of Chhota Bheem from Animation to Live-Action

For over a decade, a little superhero named Chhota Bheem has been sparking fantasies and stealing the hearts of everyone. This popular animated icon, created by Green Gold Animation, has evolved from his modest beginnings to become a beloved part of our daily lives.

Linkedin - September 15, 2023

Green Gold Animation's Remarkable Journey in Licensing

In the evolving world of the animation industry, Green Gold stands as a great example of how the power of imagination can lead to remarkable achievements. One such avenue where Green Gold is shining brightly is in Intellectual Property (IP) licensing, where the studio has transformed its beloved characters into a global phenomenon.

Linkedin - September 22, 2023

Storyboarding Wonders: How Mighty Little Bheem's Adventures Spring to Life

Have you ever found yourself fascinated by Mighty Little Bheem's fascinating adventures on Netflix? Have you ever wondered how this little, but mighty, character sets out on his journeys?

Linkedin - September 1, 2023

AI and Animation - Creating a Personalized and Transformative Future

Imagine a world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to create animations as good as the skillful artists who bring them to life. We're entering an era where AI is advancing into animation and promising to change all that we know about it completely.

Linkedin - August 25, 2023

Exploring Animation's Evolution and Trends: From Chhota Bheem and Beyond

Imagine a world where drawings dance and sing, characters come to life, and stories are created with enchantment. In the world of animation, the art of storytelling intertwines with technological wonders.

Linkedin - August 18, 2023

The Art of IP Creation in Animation: Nurturing Originality and Captivating Audiences

Intellectual property (IP) creation has become essential for studio creators to succeed in the ever-evolving world of animation. IP creation requires creating original characters, stories, and universes that not only entertain but also have long-term commercial potential.

Linkedin - August 10, 2023

Voot Kids partners with Green Gold Animation for 21 Bheem movies

Voot Kids has teamed up with Green Gold Animation for 21 digital exclusive movies of desi boy wonder Bheem, to provide young viewers with access to their beloved character.


Netflix drops ‘Mighty Little Bheem’ season three trailer

Netflix has released the trailer of Mighty Little Bheem season three, slated to be streaming 18 September onwards. - 21 SEP 2020

Green Gold Animation ventures into VFX industry

we are now officially starting a VFX division to cater to the needs of the VFX world. Yes it’s been a tough year for the VFX industry.. but things are brightening up. - 21 SEP 2020

Green Gold confirms #JusticeforChutki is a fake news that went viral

The viral news stating the characters got married is false and we request everyone to refrain from commenting on it. - 04 JUNE 2020

Makers of Chhota Bheem to open new animation studio in Mumbai

Green Gold Animation, the studio behind the immensely popular animated character 'Chhota Bheem', has launched a second studio company called Golden Robot.

Business Standard - 27 JULY 2017

India’s Walt Disney? Green Gold Animation’s Rajiv Chilaka eyes iconic status

Chhota Bheem is perhaps India’s most popular cartoon character, the show of the same name being staple entertainment for children growing up in India.

The Financial Express - 04 JAN 2017

Amazon seals deal with Green Gold Animation for Prime members

E-commerce giant Amazon has said it has signed an exclusive multi-year content deal with Green Gold Animation to stream kids entertainment on its upcoming video-on-demand service, Amazon Prime Video.


Green Gold Animation starts its US operations in Los Angles, California

The new Green Gold Animation studio in Los Angeles will be headed by Marc Lumer, an animator, writer and children’s book illustrator. Marc brings in rich creative experience.


Chhota Bheem to be unveiled in a new avatar

Chhota Bheem, India's loved animated character will undergo a makeover in the upcoming film "Chhota Bheem - Himalayan Adventure".


Nazara creates gaming franchisee with Chota Bheem

Nazara Technologies Pvt Ltd has entered into an exclusive partnership with Green Gold Animation to create mobile games based on Chhota Bheem.

INTERNET - 17 AUG 2015

Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd. Wins the Business Excellency Award 2014

Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd., the renowned animation company in India is leading with the fine example of winning the Business Excellency Award 2014.

business wire india - 13 OCT 2014

Green Gold and Google India collaborate for Camp Google 2020

Green Gold Animation collaborates with Google India for their Camp Google 2020. Camp Google 2020 involves two engaging weeks for kids through their interactive activities and assignments.


The new tele-movie of Chhota Bheem, titled Bheem Ban Gaya Super Star, premieres on the kids’ channel, POGO on Sunday, 21 June at 11:30 am. This has been announced by POGO, owned by Turner International India (unit of WarnerMedia).