Show Director


Responsible for the entire show accomplishment starting from script till the delivery.

Contribute towards story development and improvisation

Ensuring quality standards are maintained in every step from the beginning to delivery of the show

Should be able to take creative and technical calls

Should be able to coordinate with all the departments to ensure the timely delivery

Attend any relevant meetings to promote effective communication throughout the production team

Work with the storyboard/animatic, layout, Background, animation and post production teams to ensure the style of the show.

Review or edit shots assuring the quality and timelines

Have to work with in house teams and production team also channel partners

Attend the meetings with channel/client to take reviews and correction on the output delivered at all stages.



Excellent creative and technical communication skills

Lead and motivate a team through changing and often pressured times

Set an optimistic tone on the show and promote communication and teamwork

Demonstrate excellent communication skills to motivate the teams for timely and qualitative deliveries to happen

Should possess strong creative & imaginative skills

Proficiency in Flash video editing, sketch book pro, photoshop, storyboard pro, Adobe Flash