3D Facial Artist

Create the expressions of the character for TV or Theatrical Movies and TV – Series as per the client requirement and production timelines by using Maya software.
Receive the model from Character modeling department & Rigging department.
Recognize the character anatomy and expressions that are needed to create based on the story, concepts & storyboarding.
Analyze and create expressions as per requirement of the character by using Maya. 
Produce expressions such as sad face, smiling face, angry face etc. and additionally developing the script for shapes can be a value add to the role.
Pay attention to detail of human face anatomy and the subtle facial shades driven by age, genetic background, lifestyle and 3D mesh topology while creating the facial expressions.
Create graphic user interface controls specifically to translate facial work to the musculature, fat and skin layers in motion for the face.
Look over and remake the rectifications that need to be done as per supervisor guidance.
Direct the Blend shapes to animation department.
 Work closely with Riggers and Animators addressing feedback on a per character basis.

Collaborate within other team disciplines – Technical, Animation and Production.
Exchange the skills and knowledge.
Contribute the time and different skills which can simplify the work.
Document the work process which can be of help to all other facial artists in the department. 

Ensure on-time delivery of effects elements within the planned production scheduled.
BFA-Bachelors in fine arts.

Minimum 2 plus years of work experience in creating facial expressions.
Experience with procedural asset content creation, using Maya software.

Should be able to do blend shapes.
Ability to adapt new skills.
Great understanding of Maya software as per industry standards.
Ability to sculpt FACS blend shapes manually from reference to build our facial rigs.

Quick Listening and grasping skills.
Task-driven, highly motivated, and proactive.
Time management skills.
Ability to adapt various Tools.
Have patience and perform well under pressure.