Matte Paint - Lead(VFX)



Create photo realistic backgrounds and environments to match the overall look and feel of the film.

Extensive knowledge on Painting photo-real environments, elements and textures for matching into live-action plates or to stand on their own as plates.

Must have an extensive knowledge of Matte Painting techniques and precise timing requirements to ensure accuracy of bids.

Setting the direction and maintaining standards for the department.

Quality checking the output of the team before sending for the next level.

Responsibility for reviewing the artist’s work on regular basis and taking part in project reviews

Working closely with the production, providing inputs on time and ensure project deadlines are met.

Contribute to the visual and technical attributes of the production.

Specific duties to be determined on a project by project basis


8-10 Years of experience in Matte Paint(with live action experience)

Bachelor's degree in illustration, industrial design, or fine art preferred;

Work Experience in Adobe Photoshop

Advanced Software knowledge like Mari,Zbrush preferred