3D Character Texturing


Add graphics/2D image onto the mesh of a 3D object for defining color & material.

Color characters once the output is received from character modelling according to the script.

Texture and shade the given characters based on material used

Create textures that generate visual interest and define the characteristics.

Generate the output within the time frame by understanding the desired output.

Collect reference and create project structure.

Break the task into parts and schedule including time for correction

Create UV map and Occlusion map

Get feedback & make corrections if needed before final file submission

Collaborate with team members and other departments and come up with creative solutions

Create color map, Bump map, Spec map, Back scatter, RGB, Cut maps, Alpha Map and transparency Map.

Meet monthly targets and ensure quality


A good working knowledge of Digital painting/ Oil painting is required

Ability to draw and paint.

A full working knowledge of Photoshop basics

Mari Experience preferred

Knowledge of Substance would be an advantage

Knowledge of Blender would be an advantage

Ability to shade and sketch.

Openness to feedback and changes suggested is required

Ability to work with details and teamwork with collaboration is essential.