3D Fx Artist-Houdini

The 3D FX Artist identifies all effects in a sequence and communicates with Directors, Supervisors and Production when necessary.

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsible for the creation, shading, and rendering of CG assets and creating sophisticated particle simulations
Ensure the on-time delivery of effects elements within the set production schedule
Ability to work independently
Ability to generate stock, reusable FX and FX style guides for use by the FX team
Strong attention to detail
Proven experience in producing effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam and explosions
2+ years’ minimum experience on International Projects
Experience with Houdini is a must
Using a variety of commercial and proprietary FX tools including Maya, Houdini  and ability to write expressions.
Working in partnership with other departments to ensure that shots are delivered to the highest possible standard

Location: Hyderabad