3D Rendering Artist

3D Rendering Artist


• Ensuring that render jobs are properly prioritized in the queue system so that project goals are met while monitoring the render farm’s health and status on a regular basis
• Maximizing the render farm’s resources
• Detecting and troubleshooting the errors.
• Monitoring rendering quality and quantity, as well as making the required corrections when needed
• Communicating with the production team outstanding issues, as well as overall render farm performance and efficiency.


 • Work Experience of  1+ years in 3D Pipeline.
• Understanding feature film production processes
• Being able to prioritize and deal with heavy workload
• Knowledgeable with a LINUX / UNIX environments, is a plus 
• Minimum experience with MAYA
• Knowledge of a production management system or asset management system, such as SHOTGUN, Internal Tracker, is a plus
• Knowledge of a render farm manager, such as Muster,Caoalition,Smedge, is a plus.
• Knowledge of FTP, such as Filezilla,Aspera, is a plus.
• Knowledge of a Cloud render farm manager, is a plus.

Location :Hyderabad/Mumbai